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At drupa, Recyl will launch NextWave, the next generation in ultrasonic cleaning technology developed completely in France

The new range of machines, christened NextWave by Recyl, incorporates the NexTgen Inside ultrasonic generators from the French firm SinapTec with over three decades of R&D and multiple patents in ultrasonic technologies. SinapTec has made substantial progress in the analysis of equipment with their exclusive innovations. Additionally, the NexTgen ultrasonic Analyser is a measuring device to diagnose and monitor the efficiency of your ultrasonic cleaning equipment. These functions are natively integrated in SinapTec NexTgen generators.

To go further in using the latest technology, the data from the cleaning tank is measured on the basis of the impedance in order to generate the precise resonance of the ultrasonic waves. This, in turn adjusts the precision of the frequency and power required to obtain the best cavitation in the ultrasonic tank.

Anthony Petrier, deputy director at Recyl said, “Our technology is miles ahead of other players in the industry as our ultrasonic generator controls the impact of the waves created by the transducers every 30 seconds with a closed-loop control system. This creates the optimal cavitation resulting in an unforeseen quality of cleaning combined with added layers of security for the anilox. We look forward to launching the larger NextWave models for the mid and wide web printers very soon and in the meantime, they could get a sense of our R&D with the narrow-web model we will have on display at drupa.”

Packaging South Asia is the cooperating media partner for drupa 2016 which is scheduled to be held from 31 May to 10 June at Dusseldorf, Germany.