Plastindia 2015 to come up with an Innovation Pavilion

Plastindia Fairs at Gandhinagar

The biggest section of the Innovation Pavilion will consist of presentation of innovations as practiced by plastics industries and academic institutions

Innovation Pavilion is a theme being used for the first time in Plastindia Fairs and is going to be an exciting place to visit for those interested in modern development using plastics. The event will be vital to those in the fields of R&D, science, inventions and innovations and especially to scientists, technologists, engineers, faculty members and students.

The biggest section of the Innovation Pavilion will consist of presentation of innovations as practised by plastics industries and academic institutions. Industries will have the possibility of showcasing their novel ideas in terms of products, processes, designs and more. They will thereby not only get to exhibit their ideas but by getting responses from visitors, they will also be able to carry out a market survey of these innovations. The institutions will have enough scope to present their ideas and convert their inventions into innovations. An important section of this pavilion is where graduate students research work will be presented as posters. These posters can be on materials, processing, applications and sustainabilities as they relate to plastics and polymers. The pavilion plans to have graduate and post-graduate level R&D presentations. It is anticipated that visitors from other institutes as well as industries will find not only the ideas generated by this young team useful but they will also get an opportunity to conduct some impromptu interviews to select the future leaders of R&D. The Plasticon Awards will be given at the pavilion for 25 categories. Moreover, visitors will have a more leisurely look at their award winning work and may even get a chance to interact with winners. The Innovation Pavilion is already getting some inquiries for sponsorships and participation. The committee consists of Prakash Trivedi, Jayesh Rambhia, Anup Ghosh, Mohan Shenoy, to name a few.