Adhesive tape market reported to grow by 6% in 2017-22

APAC countries continue to dominate the market


According to a report by Business Wire, the global adhesive tape market is forecasted to see a CAGR of 6.68% for the period 2017-2022. Although the global market has responded well to the new additions to the range of products in the adhesive segment, the Indian market is comparatively slower in terms of adapting the new products. Responding to the need for better adhesive products in the Indian market, Ajit Industries, a manufacturer and provider of several types of pressure-sensitive self-adhesive industrial tapes and die-cuts, is offering new products with personalization to create a better relationship with the target customers.

Ajit Industries will focus on expanding its product range to include industries such as packaging, label, signage, HVAC, surface protection, white goods, and electronic and electrical industries. The fattened use of superior adhesives and sealants in glazing and flooring applications is expected to fuel the growth of the elastic adhesive market across the globe.

Ajit Gupta, founder of AIPL said, “Recently, APAC countries have dominated the adhesive tape market and are anticipated to continue doing so in the forecast period. Japan is one of the major markets for adhesive tape, owing to the massive production of appliances, and health care products. However, the growing packaging industries in countries, like China, Japan, and India, are further expected to augment the demand for adhesive tape. Considering the facts, it seems that the demand for adhesive tape is expected to increase in the Asia-Pacific region over the coming years.”


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