Bobst to present FFG machines for the corrugated industry

South India Paper Mills team with the Bobst FFG 8.20 Discovery flexo folder-gluer

Bobst, a leading supplier of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers, will be showcasing inline machinery for corrugated box manufacturing at IndiaCorr Expo 2017. With a healthy market presence including the sale of 10 FFG machines in the last three years, Bobst expects IndiaCorr to be a good show for them. Among the few inline flexo folder gluer suppliers in India, Bobst FFG is a proven name in the market offering key solutions to the corrugated industry for increased productivity.

A key highlight of Bobst is their process and service support across India. Bobst FFG machines help manufacture good quality corrugated boxes without defects such as fishtailing which perform as per expectations on automatic case erector machines.

Bobst machines are well equipped to counter some of the challenges faced by manufacturers, such as cost of operation, lack of labor, increasing productivity demands, and post-sales support from suppliers. The company has worked around these issues and claims to have built a machine that would help manufacturers grow as per market expectations.


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