Lankapak International Expo 2018

Printing, packaging and plastics industry in Sri Lanka grows


After successful completion of 19th edition of Lankapak in 2017, the international printing, packaging and plastics exhibition, LANKAPAK 2018 will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th September 2018 at BMICH in Colombo, Sri Lanka for the 20th time. The exhibition is organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging together with CDC Events and Futurex Trade Fairs & Events Pvt. Ltd. along with the support of the Sri Lankan government and private sector organizations.

In terms of quality, the Sri Lankan printing, packaging and plastics industry has grown, so much so that its output is at par with any imported printing and packaging material. The quality of products being exported such as tea and garment among others has improved significantly in all aspects. Material produced in the country has helped the country’s GDP grow by 5% and the country is heading towards becoming the printing, packaging and plastics supplying hub of Asia.”

All great shows are made by the support of great organizations. The Lankapak is associated with major industry bodies such as World Packaging Organisation, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Sri Lanka, Ministry of Industry and Commerce of India, Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging, PHD Chamber of Commerce, India, Packaging Development Centre of Sri Lanka, The Asian Packaging Federation, All India Plastics Industrial Association, Association of Label Printers and Suppliers, Organisation of Plastics Processor of India

Lankapak essentially is a meeting point for all industry professionals to meet and educate their potential buyers on the modern printing, packaging and plastic techniques which is required for the sustainability and value additions to all kind of products that move in the market. Demand for top printing and packaging is rising across all business sectors, as good presentation remains a key factor in effective marketing.

Important decision makers and officials from various industries including Food & Beverage, Dairy & Meat, Engineering, Garments & Textiles, Personal Care Products, Logistics, Printers, Converters, Packaging Professionals, Packaging End Users, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, Automotive & Auto Parts, Furniture and Finishing, Manufacturers, Processors, Users of Plastics and Packaging Products, Recycling Manufacturing, Subcontracting/OEM, Sports & Leisure Equipment among others will be present at the event to discuss and comment upon a number of key issues in the industry.


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