Mondi celebrates eight wins at the 2021 WorldStar Packaging awards

Mondi’s packaging innovation and technologies gain recognition

PerFORMing for REWE Austria – by Mondi Functional Paper and Films

Mondi, a global enterprise in sustainable packaging and paper, received eight awards in three categories at this year’s WorldStar Packaging awards. In this annual competition of the World Packaging Organization, judges from 55 countries recognized achievements in packaging innovation and technologies worldwide, with a focus on sustainability, product protection, and end-user convenience.

We are delighted to be recognized in this way. It proves that, once more, Mondi is the home of innovation for our customers. Our in-house design teams, together with our partners, deliver innovative, sustainable solutions to various industries. One example is eCommerce packaging, where we are setting new standards in innovation. Our focus here is on reducing costs, material waste, and contributing to a better world,” says Armand Schoonbrood, chief operations officer, Mondi Corrugated Solutions.

Mondi is a pioneer in making packaging sustainable by design. Our EcoSolutions approach means we always evaluate the most suitable option for our customers and the end-user, offering paper where possible, plastic when useful. Our broad range of product innovations helps our customers reach their sustainability goals. Many of these products were made possible thanks to the extensive collaboration with our customers, so being honored with eight WorldStar awards shows we’re moving in the right direction,” says Peter Orisich, chief executive officer of Mondi Flexible Packaging and Engineered Materials.

The Mondi WorldStar Award winners are:

Transit’ category:

EnvelopeMailer – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions

EnvelopeMailer – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Bupak, Czech Republic)

The EnvelopeMailer is a hybrid solution. Thanks to its unique rigid construction, it can be shipped either flat or box-shaped and offers full flexibility with just a small number of packaging sizes (SKUs). The goods are always tightly enclosed and well protected. The mailer secures the products in place without additional protective material and occupies minimal cargo space.

FloralBox – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Tire Kutsan, Turkey)

FloralBox – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions

FloralBox is an eCommerce solution offering a modular system to securely ship potted plants of different types and sizes and in various combinations. The one-for-all insert accommodates different protection needs, with consumers delighted by the pristine condition the plants arrive in alongside the positive unboxing experience.

SupremeBox – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions

SupremeBox – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Warszawa, Poland)

The 4-height SupremeBox offers an advanced market standard for faster and easier sizing of boxes while providing the benefits of an automatic bottom for tapeless closure and high protection.

BrakeBooster for aPak AB – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions

BrakeBooster for aPak AB – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Ansbach, Germany)

BrakeBooster protects delicate car components during deliveries. The new construction offers better protection and a high degree of filling while considerably reducing weight, material usage, assembly time, and space during transport.

BrightBox for aPak AB – by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Ansbach, Germany)

BrightBox is a new packaging solution for deliveries of car headlights. With a more efficient and now 100% recyclable design, it offers safer and more reliable shipping, easier handling, and better economics.

Packaging materials and components’ category:

Mono-material film for thermoforming for Hütthaler – by Mondi Consumer Flexibles

The mono-material thermoforming film for food packaging can be recycled in existing plastic recycling streams, provides excellent barrier properties to protect the food, extends shelf life, and received the highest recyclability class “AAA”.

Mono-material film for thermoforming for Hütthaler – by Mondi Consumer Flexibles

PerFORMing for REWE Austria – by Mondi Functional Paper and Films

PerFORMing is a thermoformable paper-based packaging with a barrier coating for food trays. This sustainable paper-based packaging offers excellent barrier properties and does not compromise on functionality or appearance. It also can help businesses reduce their plastic consumption and CO2 footprint.

Point of sale’ category:

OnePiece–by Mondi Corrugated Solutions

OnePiece–by Mondi Corrugated Solutions (Mondi Tire Kutsan, Turkey)

OnePiece is an exhibition and transportation unit that provides advantages to the end-consumer as well as to the manufacturer with its simple, shopping-friendly design and one-piece structure.

World Packaging Organisation (WPO) rewards outstanding achievements in packaging innovation. The focus is on sustainable packaging solutions that achieve convenience for the end-user through innovation. The winners were announced in January 2021.

The Covid-19 pandemic led to the country-wide lockdown on 25 March 2020. It will be two years tomorrow as I write this. What have we learned in this time? Maybe the meaning of resilience since small companies like us have had to rely on our resources and the forbearance of our employees as we have struggled to produce our trade platforms.

The print and packaging industries have been fortunate, although the commercial printing industry is still to recover. We have learned more about the digital transformation that affects commercial printing and packaging. Ultimately digital will help print grow in a country where we are still far behind in our paper and print consumption and where digital is a leapfrog technology that will only increase the demand for print in the foreseeable future.

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– Naresh Khanna

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