Fosber’s Cloud Installation program with Industry 4.0

The first installation started on 19 May

Industry 4.0 assist with cloud installation

With the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, international traveling has been deteriorated by the social distance and lock-down policy. In order to catch up on the installation progress and lower the influence of international travel restriction policy, Fosber also carries out a trial in the “cloud installation” program with Industry 4.0 technology to collect and transmit machine data.

Fosber first trial on cloud

The first trial Installation Program using Industry 4.0 technology is located in Fujian, China. At the end of February when COVID-19 situation was getting better in China and all enterprises struggling to resume opening, Fosber Asia has delivered equipment and start our installation program instantly. When the machines were under commissioning period, Fosber Asia decided to make full use of its own hardware and software features to start the ‘cloud installation’ plan, using Industry 4.0 technology to collect and transmit machine data, so that engineers far away in Italy can clearly understand the domestic machine situation, join online with professional knowledge and experienced installation.

How to carry out the program

Data correcting

Italian Technicians are monitoring the data which has been generated by pro/syncro, complete corrugator line control system and transmitted by pro/remote data transmission system. Italian technicians can be directly correct the programming data and adjust the testing operation for providing troubleshooting solutions.

Hardware debugging

For hardware problems, we can use Skype, WeChat, and pro/visionair to communicate on-line to obtain instant instruction and on-line guiding. Those facilities have combined Italian experience and Chinese operational skills, which could accomplish supervision and local operation.

Other debugging strategies

With pro/visionair helmet using infrared thermal imagery technology and communication network, we could accomplish instant communication, on-site installation, and other functions.

Future vista

Under the close cooperation of technicians from China and Italy, the first ‘cloud installation’ program using the Industry 4.0 technology has been started up successfully on May 19, which proves the application potential of this technology. We believe that this technology will be used in more and more projects in the future, closely connecting equipment, production lines, factories, suppliers, products, and customers, further improving production efficiency, and becoming a new benchmark for industry innovation.

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