Mouldcraft displays complete mold range at Plastasia 2017

Incharge-product development

Mouldcraft Industries is a thermoforming solutions provider, manufacturing thermoforming molds for plastic disposable products. The company was established 24 years ago in 1993 by Ranjit Singh Mankoo and since then, it has grown steadily to become one of the leading players in the industry. Packaging South Asia met Balihar Mankoo, the next generation of Mouldcraft Industries management, for a discussion on the company’s exhibits at Plastasia 2017 and more.

Showing around the products on display, Mankoo said, “Our exhibit here includes our molds and the kind of technology and quality that we’re offering. Different kinds of plastic disposable products are made out of our molds, such as glasses, meal trays, and a lot more.”

Expanding further on the company’s business, Mankoo shared, “We supply molds to all the major companies that are into thermoforming production. These could be for institutional supply or local market trading. The machining quality and how we deal with the metal as well as the durability of our molds is our major strength. As far as price is concerned, our molds are the most expensive right now in the Indian market and we’re able to sell them without a discount owing to their high quality and durability.” This reflects the level of confidence that Mouldcraft enjoys among its customers.

When asked whether Mouldcraft uses foreign technology to stay ahead in the quality race, Mankoo said, “We have used foreign technology and have also observed the pattern of demand in the thermoforming industry. Thereafter, we have implemented all those things that we feel our product requires and developed our molds accordingly. In a way, we have carefully studied the application areas and accordingly developed and customized our products for the Indian market.”

Mouldcraft had pioneered the ‘Quick Change Mechanism’ in the thermoforming mold-manufacturing industry in India back in 2003. It’s a technique that facilitates quick and easy production using two different cavities. “We mostly customize the molds as per the specific requirement of our customers. Sometimes we also modify the customers’ requirements to offer something unique. So it involves a fair amount of consulting on our part to get a clear idea about what our customers really want. The most important part of our product development is design, which is where the process actually begins,” Mankoo added.

Speaking about the impact of GST on Mouldcraft’s business, Mankoo said that it will work to the company’s advantage. “That’s because in our industry, the raw material, the mold manufacturing and the finished product, all come in the same range. It’s a straightforward rate of 18%, which will bring in a lot of clarity in the business,” he argued. Mouldcraft received generous footfall at the show and also had a good number of queries for its products.


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