Suria Press, Malaysia installs Autoprint’s Checkmate 50


Established in 1979 as a commercial printer, Suria Press in Malaysia has over time diversified successfully to paper-based packaging. The company recently installed Autoprint’s inspection system-Checkmate 50 manufactured in Coimbatore in South India.
Moving to paperboard packaging industry since the mid 1990’s Suria’s plant is state of the art with automated offset presses, autoplaten diecutters, folder gluers, coaters and laminators.
Being quality-conscious, and to serve its customers with full integrity and defect free packaging is essential since these comprise leading pharmaceuticals & FMCG industries. With product quality and on-time delivery being vital, having an inspection machine to find defects while simultaneously reducing and eliminating manual quality checking processes was important. It is not only suggested but also crucial to have an inspection machine that can conduct error-free inspections of the cartons at high speed. 
Suria’s decision makers looked at and met with a few inspection machine manufacturers and in the course of their search visited Autoprint in Coimbatore in South India  in November 2017. They were convinced with the Autoprint’s Checkmate 50 machine due to its superior quality of checking and its speed.
Service is the key
The Checkmate 50 is rigid in structure, with reliable technical camera components and user-friendly software that can be customized. Moreover, Autoprint’s personnel provided the support and hand-holding that new customers may require and even demand. Suria found that Autoprint personnel were knowledgeable and supportive, which enhanced their confidence in their after-sales-service and support. The machine was installed at Suria Press in January 2018 and the spokesperson from the Suria Press states, “We strongly believe that it will be the key to further enhance our deliveries and quality control. We are happy with the Autoprint’s new inspection machine and look forward to our continuous association.”


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