Comexi CTec helps One Caribbean excel in Trinidad and Tobago packaging sector

Optimizing machine performance

Comexi and One Caribbean teams with Comexi F2 MB flexo press

Manel Xifra Boada Technology Center (Comexi CTec), which specializes in training for printing and converting sectors of flexible packaging industry, has helped One Caribbean Flexipac Industries and Solutions, a company in Trinidad and Tobago, to position itself as the leader of the flexographic industry in the country.

In 2018, the Caribbean company purchased a Comexi F2 MB flexo press, a Comexi SL2 laminator, and a Comexi S2 DS slitter. Presently after receiving comprehensive training at both its facility and Comexi’s headquarters in Riudellots de la Selva, One Caribbean has managed to optimally use these machines.

The One Caribbean Flexipac Industries and Solutions production staff received advisory training weeks before the machines were shipped. “As a result, it was possible to foresee and correct varied situations and procedures, guaranteeing that the optimum productive performance curve was adequate in less time than usual,” says Albert López, head of Comexi CTec.

One Caribbean manufactures a wide range of packaging material. The company is part of One Caribbean Media Limited, which is the largest media organization in the Caribbean region.

Rhett Gordon, the manager of One Carribean, says that Comexi’s support was crucila, and that presently One Caribbean “is well on its way to becoming the supplier of choice for all the major local manufacturers that externally source their packaging to Central America, India, China, and the USA”.

The Comexi F2 MB press is designed to satisfy the medium run print needs in the flexible packaging sector. The Comexi SL2 is a short and medium run laminator for a wide variety of materials, as well as a solution for solventless lamination. The Comexi S2 DS slitter is a fully electric machine which permits adjustments and manoeuvres the slitting after the material has proceeded.


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