VerifyMe to provide 2m labels to protect US PPE equipment and steps into Indian market


Product tracking and brand protection specialist VerifyMe, an AIPIA member, has received an initial purchase order for 2 million VeriPAS shipping labels for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE.) The order is the first made through the company’s strategic partnership with US company Renavotio, announced in February this year, according to the company.

VerifyMe has formed a similar strategic partnership for the Indian market with Techind, which also handles products in the highly sensitive pharmaceutical industry. That partnership also seeks to ensure that medical providers are not using counterfeit goods.

VerifyMe will be one of the important participants in the upcoming AIPIA India Smart Packaging Summit (March 19th) come and listen to a range of exciting market developments from the company and learn about its technology.


The Renavotiobatch of labels will be used to ship 2 million boxes of surgical gloves, which will be used to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It is vital that the gloves reach their intended destination, and that the integrity of the gloves is not compromised while they are en route. The US Department of Homeland Security has already seized more than 11 million counterfeit 3M N95 masks, making counterfeit PPE one of the bigger pandemic-related problems currently facing public health officials.

VerifyMe is issuing  pre-printed anti-counterfeiting labels which are embedded with invisible codes that can be scanned with a smartphone to make sure that the box has not been tampered with and that the goods inside are authentic.

“Our recent partnering with VerifyMe has opened up the overseas PPE market to us again,” said Renavotio CEO Billy Robinson. “The technology will help prevent any PPE products we are involved with from having any potential financial and legal issues.”

“The short time from signing our strategic partnership to receiving their first purchase order demonstrates the urgent need in the marketplace to combat rampant counterfeiting in PPE,” added VerifyMe president and CEO Patrick White. “We anticipate additional opportunities with Renavotio in regards to security solutions for PPE.”

VerifyMe supports Smart Packaging Solutions for India and South Asia Virtual Congress on 19 March

VerifyMe has also recently joined the AIPIA-IPPStar jointly organized Smart Packaging Solutions for India and South Asia Virtual Congress on 19 March 2021. The virtual congress on active and intelligent packaging solutions for food, pharma, and the health industry will discuss supply chain digitization, brand protection, and authentication, the role of digital in sustainability and customer engagement. The event is supported by the Authentication Solutions Providers Association. Sponsors include Aptar, Avery Dennison, Fasiculus, Systech, and VerifyMe.

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