HERMA US to showcase FDA-compliant Labeling Unit at Interphex

HERMA 211 HC ideal for transition from clinical trial to production, as well as limited-batch bio pharma manufacturing.


HERMA US, the subsidiary of HERMA GmbH, a Germany-based provider of labeling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace, will showcase a new ultra-compact labeling machine at Interphex NYC, from April 28 to 30 2020. HERMA US will feature the HERMA 211 HC Wrap-around Labeler at Booth 2060, which the company is sharing with strategic partner TurboFil Packaging Machines LLC, a prominent manufacturer of liquid filling and assembly equipment. Designed to meet pharma sector demands for a fully FDA-compliant labeler in a very compact footprint, the semi-automatic HERMA 211 HC Wrap-around Labeler is seen as particularly helpful in the transition from clinical trials to full production, as well as for the smaller-batch manufacturing typically found in biopharmaceuticals settings. The heart of the unit is the company’s signature HERMA 400 Label Applicator, a compact module featuring a 400-watt servo drive capable of achieving speeds in excess of 4,000 inches or minutes, or up to 1,000 products per minute, with label registration accuracy of 0.008 inches. TurboFil Packaging Machines recently incorporated the HERMA 400 into several of its customizable equipment solutions.

The HERMA 211 HC is suitable for labeling a wide range of cylindrical products including syringes, tubes, glass vials and ampoules. Capable of applying approximately 30 labels per minute, the HERMA 211 HC can handle webs as wide as 80 mm, and products ranging in diameter from 10 to 120 mm. The machine’s robust construction makes it ideally suited to continuous operation, even under the most stringent labeling requirements.

The HERMA 211 HC also can print and inspect variable information on labels, with any defective labels automatically rejected without being applied to the product. In preparation for labeling, the product is placed into the HERMA 211 HC’s rotating roller prism. A pivot beak lowers and precisely applies the label, after which the product is removed manually.

“As specialty medicines and limited-run bio pharmaceuticals become increasingly prominent, the HERMA 211 HC meets growing demands for modest yet robust machines for smaller, highly precise batch production,” said Peter Goff, chief executive officer of HERMA US. “Its underlying idea is simple – compactness that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy or performance.”


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