Shree Sai Labels installs second Mark Andy 2200

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Vikash Kumar of Shree Sai Labels with the MA 2200 press

Serial and parallel robot kinematicsB&R expands mapp technology portfolioB&R is expanding its already extensive mapp technology portfolio to include components for the most commonly used robot kinematic systems. Not only does this allow users to commission robots much more quickly, it also makes maintenance and diagnostics substantially easier. The new robotic functions in mapp include both serial and parallel robot kinematics, such as Scara and delta robots. The user interface is based on familiar IEC 61131 programming methods. The robotic functions integrate seamlessly into the overall system, so there is no need for a dedicated robotics controller.Robots can be commissioned much more quickly and easily with mapp technologyThe robot kinematics themselves are configured graphically in a convenient web interface. Programming in the conventional sense is not necessary. The mapp components can even handle manual operations such as jogging and point-to-point movement of the tool centre point. Technicians can run diagnostics on the robot via the easy-to-use web interface.

mapp technology consists of individually encapsulated blocks that streamline development of new software. The components provide basic functionality and are configured graphically. Each mapp component retrieves the data it needs from other components using a client-server model. With mapp technology, development of application software is accelerated by an average of 67%.