Strong Indian service team optimizes Bobst vacuum metallizers


Vacuum metallizing is one of the most complicated technologies used in the flexible packaging business; therefore, it is essential that it has the capability to run continuously. To ensure this, it is critical to have after-sales support which has specialized skill-sets and comprehensive experience of understanding problems and trouble shooting. This mix of skills and experience is usually difficult to find within a service team.

The 8-strong Bobst Indian service team based in 3 locations across India has extensive knowledge of vacuum metallizers with a combined total of 100 years’ experience across the team; this means as well as maintenance and servicing of machines, they can also offer expert advice and training on process optimization and machine operation such as how to maintain OD uniformity within acceptable limits and how to avoid defects such as pin holes and scratches.

Bobst services are perceived as the benchmark in the industry and the team is passionate about delivering world-class services for world-class machines. You can keep your Bobst vacuum metallizer in peak condition with a range of service packages including Maintenance Plus, which includes regular machine health checks, preventative maintenance and priority visits should any problems arise and expert telephone support 24 hours a day. Additionally, the team can assist with settings for optimization, upgrades and retrofits to boost machine productivity and ergonomics and supply of genuine Bobst spare parts and consumables, which are available at the Bobst Pune warehouse.

As well as servicing machines within India, when necessary, the team also installs and commissions metallizers in other areas such as the Middle East, Egypt, South America and South-East Asia.


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