Aranow Packaging Machinery acquires Altero Recycling Solutions

Aims to minimize impact of plastic waste

Aranow packaging
Aranow Packaging Machinery acquires Altero Recycling Solutions

Aranow Machinery Group has recently acquired the company Altero Recycling Solutions, an expert in plastics recycling.

In the context of a global pandemic, the enterprise is committed to the generation of value for its customers and the creation of wealth for its employees, as well as the fight against climate change and the reduction of waste on the planet. Its participation in Altero has provided it the opportunity to contribute to minimizing the impact of the packaging manufactured with our machinery.

Aranow leads 20 years in the sector of single-dose packaging machinery. Following its environmental commitment that has made it achieve the international standard ISO 14001, Aranow makes an additional step to get involved in the recycling of plastic waste more difficult to process.

Aranow Packaging Machinery and Altero Recycling Solutions are placed in two key points of the value chain representing both the industry dedicated to the manufacture of plastic packaging and the sector that must ensure that these packaging are recycled in a more efficient way.


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