Rajoo Engineers’ Lamina rPET twin-screw sheet extrusion line

Virtual rPet extruder demo witnessed by 100 participants globally

Rajoo rPET line

Rajkot-based Rajoo Engineers held a virtual demonstration of its Lamina rPET – multilayer twin-screw rPET sheet line on 20 October for more than 100 participants worldwide. The online participants were from Nigeria, Turkey, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Malaysia, and closer home from Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

Rajoo’s team hosted the virtual event, including its executive director Khushboo Doshi, president Sunil Jain, executive president Manish Vasavada and general manager Jinesh Shah. “The pandemic has disrupted lives all over the world,” said Doshi. “A new normal has evolved, and we have been thinking of how to engage with the industry in these times. So, we decided to go for the second round of virtual demonstration with the rPET sheet extrusion system.”

The rPET twin-screw line demonstrated in the virtual event will be installed at one of Rajoo’s customers who is already using one of the company’s single screw lines to produce rPET sheets.

The Lamina – rPET sheet extrusion lines are offered as single or twin screw two-layer (ABA) sheet lines to process and produce sheets with a high percentage of recycled material. The outer skin layer consists of virgin resins combined with slip additives. However, there are many combinations, such as PET G/ A-PET / PET G or APET / RPET / APET.

Application of rPET

The sheet lines have outputs ranging from 100 kilograms an hour to 1,400 kilograms an hour, with widths from 500 mm to 1500 mm and thicknesses ranging from 200 microns to 1500 microns. The Lamina – rPET single and twin-screw extruder-based sheet lines have several options. They are offered with universal barrier screws and direct-coupled motors along with manual, hydraulic, and auto backflush screen changers. The sheet lines are available with an optional specially designed manual and automatic T–Die with a deckling system to maintain the sheets’ width and thickness variation.

The Lamina rPET incorporates other quality control and efficiency features like gravimetric blending, grooved or smooth feed barrier screw extruder, melt pump, continuous screen changer, and independently driven vertical, horizontal, or inclined polishing rolls stack and air knife. Other efficiency features and options include an online thickness monitoring and controlling system, anti-static bath, sheet accumulator, unitilt polishing roll stack for the dual requirement of thick and thin sheets, an in-line sheet cutter, and dual turret motorized jumbo winder.

The rPet thermoformable sheets produced by the machine are used in food packaging, pharmaceutical blister packaging, sandwich and cut-fruit containers, garment under collar inserts, and packaging including toy boxes. Industrial applications include the automobile industry, laminated sheets, and microwave products and containers.

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