Innovation in a tub pack

Mother’s Recipe offers cooking paste in containers

The new tub pack of Ginger & Garlic paste with in-mold labelling

Convenience features such as easy opening, re-closability, portability and one-handed use continue to drive food packaging innovation for a range of processed foods. Speaking about the new launch, Sanjana Desai, head – business development, Mother’s Recipe and ELMAC brand said, “A fundamental principle for modern product packaging is that the easier it is to use a product, the more likely it will be accepted by consumers. The demands of the FMCG segment are evolving each day and consumers are seeking convenience and better-packaged products. As a result, we need to innovate in line with the growing consumer expectations continuously. Our new Ginger Garlic Paste Tub is in line with our aim to liberate our customers, help them save time and provide convenience while maintaining traditional taste.”

Mother’s Recipe Ginger & Garlic paste – Old packaging

The tub pack sports a premium look and uses food-grade plastic as a container with in-mold labelling. Retaining the freshness of the product, it is induction-sealed. The demand for convenient and innovative packaging has become integral for any new product launch. Currently, ginger-garlic pastes are available in spout, pillow and standee pouches, glass bottles, plastic bottles and tube packaging. “We have always given utmost priority to user satisfaction and product quality while developing new products. The spout packs had added some convenience in the category. However, retaining the authentic taste of the paste and reducing wastage was a major challenge. The new product packaging addresses these issues providing authentic taste without using any preservatives (no sodium benzoate – chemical preservative) and a consumer can scoop the exact amount required with a spoon,” Desai added.