Albéa acquires FA-Line presses from Nilpeter

Ongoing installation in Brazil

Albéa acquires FA-Line presses from Nilpeter
Albéa acquires FA-Line presses from Nilpeter

Albéa, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of laminate tubes for cosmetics and oral care packaging, has further invested in Nilpeter technology with the acquisition of new FA-presses for company sites in India, Brazil and Poland. Most have already been installed, with the latest installation ongoing in Brazil.

The collaboration between the two market leading companies dates back to 2008 when Albéa, through its former UK division, Betts Group, had acquired two original FA-4 flexo presses for locations in India and Indonesia.

Comprehensive vetting process
Interested in adding new technology, Albéa head office in France reached out to Nilpeter once again, and after a comprehensive vetting process with testing, trials and visits with competing suppliers, chose Nilpeter’s new FA to be installed in India, Poland and Brazil. In addition to the advanced technology of the new FA, the high ease of use and impressive press performance with tough laminate tube materials, Albéa emphasized Nilpeter’s global support setup, worldwide reach, and 24/7 hotline for troubleshooting and live technical assistance. The new FA presses will be put to use in the fields of laminate tubes for oral care packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other various personal care applications.

Learning and growing together
“In short, we are delighted to continue the close working relationship we have developed with Albéa over the years. It is truly mutually beneficial – working together, learning from each other – gaining and improving in laminate tubes, and growing together through the process. And the potential for more is evident. We cherish the collaboration and look forward to many years of mutual success,” said John Hammond of the sales department, Nilpeter UK.

Built around the modern print operator
The new FA is the most versatile flexo press in the market – designed to accommodate the printer’s ever-growing needs and built around the modern print operator, with an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls. The FA allows printers to enhance the performance of their press with value-adding units, application and automation packages, according to application needs and budget. Future customizations are often done with a simple press of a button. All main components are produced in-house, meaning higher production quality and control. Nilpeter’s LEAN production flow and uniform facilities in Denmark and the US assure delivery worldwide. Albéa’s new FA-presses are prepared for the addition of digital printing stations, which will allow them to print variable data in the future. Furthermore, Nilpeter has developed a zero waste/defects solution to ensure Albéa meets market quality requirements.

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